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High efficient... Aluminium shell... Cylinder lithium... Power Bank Energy Storage
High efficient Li-polymer battery
 Lithium-ion Polymer batteries are widely used in mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, portable DVD, Bluetooth headsets, wireless communication devices, electronic cigarettes, electric toothbrushes, aeronautics and space, ship, telecommunications, petroleum and natural gas pipelines detection...
Aluminium shell Li-ion battery
 Higher capacity to meet the demand of smart phones. Company adopt Japan and the U.S. IC and MOS dual protection, with excellent safety performance and good environmental adaptability
Cylinder lithium ion battery
 Batteries are widely used in laptops, digital cameras, lighting, toys, power tools, portable energy sources, model planes and medical equipment, etc
 The Mobile Power is convenient and easy to carried products. It is aimed at digital devices which have multifunction and use more frequent in our daily life
Energy Storage Battery
 High-capacity and high energy density batteries are using Polymer cells, multi-section protect chip and power equalizer's battery to perform the safety factor
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